Main Types of Compact Tractors

Main Types of Compact Tractors

Most of these tractors are used by farmers owning large-scale farms. Hobby farmers love tractors since they can use them with other machines like hay balers and cultivators. These machines come with special attachments, making them ideal for various farm operations. For instance, you can use them in drilling fence pots and handling digging stumps. Compact tractors are also convenient for simple farm chores.

Tractors come in different sizes that you can choose from. You should select a machine that meets all your needs. Bigger machines are better than small ones. This write-up is going to highlight the different types of compact tractors that you can choose for your farm. These include:

Garden Tractor

garden tractor

These machines are more powerful and larger than lawn mowers. They have more options where you can install different attachments. They come with wide decks, making them effective for mowing land without consuming a lot of time. They also include additional features such as four-wheel drive and hydraulic steering that make them more versatile and adaptable when compared to lawn tractors. They are a great option for those people who need large mowers since they can withstand heavy use. Furthermore, they are well-designed to work on various farm projects. Their power ranges from 20 to 25 horsepower.


Compact Utility Tractors

These machines can be used with different attachments ranging from backhoes to front-end loaders. Some of them come with cabs and four-wheel drive, making them a practical option for serious hobby farmers. In general, these are adaptable, powerful tractors that can serve farmers in various weather conditions. The power of these tractors is appealing, but some jobs are better suited for more maneuverable garden or lawn tractors. Their power ranges from 25 to 65 horsepower.

lawn tractor


Lawn Tractors

These tractors are mainly used in landscaping. Homeowners can use them for mowing lawns in their homestead. These machines are limited in terms of features, power, and expandability. Homeowners who have modest-sized lawns that need to be maintained occasionally should invest in this machine. Their power ranges from 17 to 22 horsepower.

Subcompact Tractors

These machines are more or less similar to garden tractors. They are well-designed making them capable of farm operations. These machines are diesel-powered. In addition to this, they are equipped with three-point hitches and PTOs making them more expandable and versatile than the small models. Some of the modern models come with front-end loaders.