Personalised Water Bottles

Personalised Water Bottles

Personalised water bottles are known to be an excellent addition to your marketing campaign where your target is to make your customers keep using your bottles. These bottles are very crucial, especially to sportsmen, because they can be able to keep track of them, which is vital for their hydration and health as they play. This need does not change whether you are doing sport for fun or professional level. You can make use of the average athlete for your promotions. For you to do this, you need to make sure that your bottles meet some crucial criteria. With these criteria being met, you will have prolonged the usage of your bottles by your target audience.

There are different ways that personalized water bottles can be customized. The most common customization is to have your name added to it. This is what allows you to identify that the bottle is yours. However, there are other customizations that you can do that are unique and will enable you to determine which one is yours at a glance. While not as apparent like your name, having art on your bottle is an excellent way to make your bottle stand from the others. The artwork on bottles and cups are ubiquitous, available in many stores. If you may need to take this to a further step, you can have your name added to your bottle that already has artwork on it. This is a way to ensure that your bottle is returned if it is lost, as well. If you have decided to give personalized water bottles away as a part of a branding campaign, you will have to balance both price and quality. Fortunately, there are some few things you can do to balance price and quality without having to sacrifice a great deal of quality to do so.


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Order the Personalized Water Bottles in Bulk

This is an excellent way of getting quality bottles at a price you can afford. However, adding personalization can be difficult. With so many different names, it is hard to ensure you have sufficient labels with the correct names on it. Because of this, many companies will use the expedient solution of providing tags that can be tied around bottle’s neck to allow a minor form of personalization without needing to brand names directly onto the bottle. This is when you can offer your potential customers the option to buy a bottle to be custom made for their personal use or their team.

This is extremely useful, as it allows you to turn a free promotion into a paid sale. You need to be careful not to fall into the trap of trying to pay for the promotional goods by raising the price of the paid goods. This is a common mistake and one that leads towards fewer sales.


Know More About Your Bottles

View both your paid for and free items as a method of branding your product rather than a gimmick to make a profit. The more people that know about your goods and services, the higher your overall profits maybe, even if you lose a percentage through your branding efforts.


Ensure Bisphenol a Is Not Included in the Plastics of the Bottle

When you purchase personalized water bottles, you will want to ensure that Bisphenol A is not included in the plastics of the bottle. Bisphenol A is a dangerous compound that can cause complications in teenagers, children, and infants. Bisphenol A is typically found in cheaper plastics. Purchasing bottles crafted of high-quality plastics will ensure that this compound is not present.