The rib of the leaves as the sad stretch of the incidents.

The trace of the lines of the hand.

The evident circulation of the venom.

The torrent, the journey.

The microsomal fight.

The communication between adjacent vessels.

The heartbeat.

The incessant roar of the pulse of the existence.

The cycle.

The routine.

Carlos Soto-Román is a Chilean pharmacist (químico farmacéutico) and a poet. He holds a Master of Bioethics from the University of Pennsylvania.

In Chile, he has published: La Marcha de los Quiltros (1999), Haikú Minero (2007), and Cambio y Fuera (2009).

In the United States: Philadelphia’s Notebooks (Otoliths, 2011), Chile Project: [Re-Classified] (Gauss PDF, 213), and The Exit Strategy (Belladonna, 2014).

His work can be found in Crux Desperationis, Coydup 5, Summer’s Stock, P-Queue, Capitalism Nature Socialism, Where Eagles Dare, Dear Navigator 4, Mandorla and The American Poetry Review.

He is a MacDowell Fellow and has been awarded with scholarships from the Chilean Council for Culture and the Arts. He is also a translator and the curator of the cooperative anthology of US poetry Elective Affinities (

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